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Heart Research UK Privacy Policy
HRUK is dedicated to protecting your personal data and being honest and transparent about what information we hold about you and how we process this data. We can assure you we strictly comply with all General Data Protection Regulation so your data is safe with us.

We will look after any personal information that you share with us, whether this is collected online or via phone, email, in letters, face to face or in any other correspondence. This is central to our values as an organisation. We pride ourselves on our ethical approach to fundraising. HRUK has never and will never knock on your door, stop you in the street or ring you to ask for donations unless we have your permission.

We like a personal approach, so if we want to contact you we do it ourselves and with your permission, we certainly don’t pay anyone to do it. We treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves. We want everyone who deals with us to feel confident about how any personal information they share will be looked after or used.

Collecting relevant data from our donors and volunteers helps us to be more efficient and send you relevant information – all helping us to help people live healthier, happier, longer lives.

You can be confident that:

– We only use personal information in the ways we need to and that is expected of us
– We will only communicative with you about our work, including how we are spending your money and how you can continue to support us
– Our lawful basis is consent and legitimate interest
– We will make it easy for you to tell us how you want us to communicate with you, including how to opt out from future communications. We promise your request will be dealt with straight away
– We will never release your information to organisations outside of HRUK for their marketing purposes
– We take all reasonable care to safeguard your personal information through security policies, encrypted computer equipment, lockable filing cabinets and secure business processes

This privacy policy informs you about:

– What information HRUK collect about you
– How we use that information
– How we store your information
– Details about sharing/being in receipt of your information
– Your choices regarding the information you provide to us
– How we use cookies